The Umuthi Capital team delivers accelerated growth in companies and teams or dividions.

It brings to bear proven skills and experience to businesses, teams divisions in order to accelerate them through their life cycles.
When businesses start up with a new idea that has merit and therefore become a viable business, the owners and management have to learn what is required to create a great company. Some businesses survive long enough for the owners and management to acquire the knowledge and experience to survive and thrive. Many do not.
Synergyn engages with a business that has the potential but not the experience and brings to bear the accumulated experience of our associates to assist these companies in accelerating their growth and development as an organization.

If all elements are in place, we craft new ventures, opening new markets.

Our typical clients have a turnover of 1 million pounds per annum and more.

Craft Your Business

We work with you to identify your current stress points in your business.

Identify Business Stress Points

We work with you to identify your current stress points in your business.

Business International

Through our powerful network expand your business international

Use Our International Network

Through our extended powerful network we help you expand your business international.

Business Services

Streamline day to day operations with structured services.

Streamline Your Business

Use these services to streamline your business operations.